‘What a day’: Police chase down tractor wreaking havoc in Boone

18 January 2023

BOONE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A man was arrested after leading police on a tractor chase in Boone Tuesday afternoon, according to the police department.

Tractor (Courtesy: Boone Police Department)

Ronnie Hicks, the person driving the tractor, was taken into custody.

The incident began around Old U.S. 421, where authorities got a call about a ‘tractor being driven erratically’ in a parking lot.

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Police say the call stated it was trying to hit pedestrians. The John Deere hit several vehicles, a dumpster, and a church.

After trying to use stop sticks, which were ineffective, Hicks hit a police cruiser and drove into oncoming traffic.

Once he turned onto 421, officials explained their determination to protect Parkway Elementary.

An officer shot the vehicle’s tires when the tractor was isolated, bursting its front tire.

In the tractor’s final effort, it turned onto Elk Creek Road; after a few miles of driving without a tire, it ran out of roadway.

‘What a day.’ 🚜 | Watch as police chase down a tractor wreaking havoc in Boone. The John Deere hit several vehicles, a dumpster, and a church, police said. More: https://t.co/Ne98GTq0Dq

(📸: mr.dangerousone) pic.twitter.com/GUL34FSKF3

— Queen City News (@Queen_City_News) January 18, 2023

Police say Hicks jumped off the tractor with a knife, was tasered, and apprehended without injury to himself or the officers.

“What a day,” said Chief Andy Le Beau. “It just doesn’t seem like this should be happening in Boone.”

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The department was assisted by the Watauga County Sheriff’s Office and NCHP during the pursuit.

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