Uber Eats to accept SNAP benefits for grocery deliveries in 2024

21 September 2023

(KXAN) — Beginning in 2024, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients will be able to purchase grocery deliveries through Uber Eats, the company announced Wednesday.

“We know that online food delivery can have a meaningful impact in reducing barriers to fresh groceries, especially for the most vulnerable–including people living in food deserts, seniors, and those facing disabilities or transportation barriers,” company officials wrote in the announcement. “Helping to improve access to quality food is incredibly important to our work at Uber and we’re proud to use Uber’s technology and extensive local delivery networks to offer SNAP recipients the ability to use their benefits to access fresh groceries conveniently from our app in 2024.”

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Uber also announced it is working to help support Managed Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans by accepting FSA cards, Flex cards and waiver payments on Uber for its services. Some of those payment methods will be ready and accepted come 2024, per the announcement.

Tapping into artificial intelligence, Uber is poised to launch later this year an AI-powered assistant to outline new available dishes and cuisines on the app, sort through deals at popular restaurants and reorder previous meals more quickly, per the release.

The AI assistant can also be used to denote sales on grocery items or reorder ingredients from recipes previously used. Uber announced its Uber Eats Sales Aisle concept will highlight grocery store promotional deals and sales to help streamline shopping.

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