Some Bank of America customers are reporting missing money

18 January 2023

NEW YORK (PIX11) — Some Bank of America customers are concerned after seeing money missing from their accounts Wednesday morning, according to social media posts.

“Saw Bank of America was trending and turns out my account was impacted so happy Wednesday everyone,” Keira Renee said in a tweet.

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“I am at the point of a collapse. where is my money?” another customer tweeted.

Customers are complaining about money missing from deposits and Zelle transactions. Many said they called the bank’s customer service and have not had any luck getting any information.

Some customers may have received a message in the Bank of America app saying Zelle transactions from Saturday through Tuesday were delayed. The alert said the accounts would be updated as soon as possible, but did not specify when.

“We apologize for any delay or inconvenience,” the bank message said.

PIX11 reached out to Bank of America for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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