Sheriff Gregory Seabolt with Randolph County Sheriff’s Office in hospital

18 January 2023

RANDOLPH COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office released a statement on Wednesday after Sheriff Gregory Seabolt was hospitalized.

Chief Deputy Azelton is overseeing the sheriff’s office while Seabolt recovers from an illness. He first experienced symptoms around the beginning of the year.

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The full statement is provided below:

Sheriff Seabolt has been hospitalized with an illness after first experiencing symptoms shortly after the beginning of this year. As the Sheriff continues improving under medical supervision and treatment, Chief Deputy Azelton is overseeing the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office. Sheriff Seabolt appreciates the continued dedication and service of all his deputies and the continued support of the citizens of Randolph County.

Deric B Skeen, on behalf of Sheriff Seabolt and family.

‘Our thoughts and prayers are with our Sheriff and the Seabolt family during his time of healing.’

— Randolph County Sheriff’s Office

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