Instacart customer catches shopper usin her card to buy their own items

23 January 2023

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Online grocery shopping is supposed to be convenient, but one Kroger customer says her delivery driver stole her money and some items.

The victim, who wants to remain anonymous, warned people, “If you do Kroger delivery (through Instacart), check your receipts! I had a delivery a couple of weeks ago, and the shopper added multiple items for themselves and also kept a few of my requested items.”

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She says the delivery person who was picking up her groceries spent about $40 on random food items she didn’t want or receive, even a pair of women’s clogs.

The victim says it didn’t happen just once but twice. She said the second time when she opted for delivery, the person only got $15.

WREG asked Kroger about these crimes. They said they were looking into the case and working with their partner, Instacart, to address the issue, saying, “Instacart is a third-party vendor of Kroger, and they hold their partners to a high standard of excellence.”

Instacart said they could not discuss this case, but they sent WREG their shopper policy that includes guidelines that stress shoppers may be deactivated for reasons including fraudulent activity and violating applicable laws.

Meanwhile, the victim says she will be a little less frequent in her online delivery shopping and will be sure and check her receipts, taking the same precautions you use for online delivery as you do in the store.

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The victim was able to get her money back. She also reported it to Instacart and says the company banned those shoppers from delivering.

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