Inmates bust out of Missouri prison, abscond with stolen car hours before they’re reported missing

18 January 2023

ST. FRANCOIS COUNTY, Mo. (KTVI) – Police in Missouri are searching for five inmates who escaped from a detention facility on Tuesday.

A chief deputy with the St. Francois County Jail believes the inmates escaped from the roof, via a plumbing chase, at approximately 7 p.m.

Around 10 p.m., they were noticed missing during a routine check.

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A news release issued by the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department indicated that the men had gathered in a secured cell before using “force” to bust through a secured door. They then made their way to the roof, and eventually off jail property. Photos released by the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department appear to show the inmates fleeing.

Around 15 minutes later, surveillance cameras captured the group stealing a dark grey 2009 Toyota Scion from a nearby parking lot.

The inmates were last observed heading in a “southerly direction,” according to the sheriff’s department.

Authorities say the inmates had removed their orange clothing, and most were wearing “white thermal leggings, white boxer and/or basketball shorts and white T-shirts.”

Authorities released descriptions of the five escapees:

52-year-old Kelly McSean’s birth name is Larry Bemboom, but McSean now identifies as a woman. McSean is 5-foot-9 and 180 pounds. The escapee is charged with sexually assaulting a 39-year-old woman. McSean was jailed on charges of damaging property owned by the Department of Mental Health. She is bald and has brown eyes, as well as dentures. Records indicate McSean is classified as a sexual predator.

26-year-old Dakota Pace is 5-foot-9 and 150 pounds. He has short brown hair, brown eyes and a goatee. He also has a small scar on his right cheekbone.
Pace was booked in the St. Francois County Jail on several charges, including stealing and tampering with a motor vehicle.

30-year-old Aaron Sebastian White has shoulder-length brown hair. Sometimes he wears it in a ponytail. He has a full beard, wears glasses, and has hazel eyes. White was in the jail on a misdemeanor assault charge. He is accused of committing the offense at the Sex Offender Rehabilitation and Treatment Services Facility in Farmington, Missouri. He was also charged with sodomizing two girls under the age of 10, who were family and friends of family, at the age of 15.

37-year-old Lujuan Tucker is 5-foot-10 and 175 pounds. He has black hair, dreadlocks, and a goatee. Tucker was charged with raping a 12-year-old girl in 2003. He had been booked recently in the St. Francois County Jail on a third-degree assault charge.

42-year-old Michael Wilkins is 6-foot-1 and around 170 pounds. He has brown hair and is nearly bald. Wilkins was initially booked into the jail for second-degree burglary and a probation violation.

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The sheriff’s office is urging locals to refrain from engaging with or confronting the escapees. Anyone with spots a member of the group is urged to call 911 immediately. Anyone with information into their whereabouts is instructed to contact the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department at (573) 756-3252 or Joint Communications at (573) 431-3131.

The Toyota Scion they’re believed to be driving had a Missouri temporary tag on the back of the car. There was no front plate.

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