Hunters find trash bag of newborn puppies stashed in bush

19 January 2023

CAROLINE COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) – Authorities are searching for the person responsible for stashing six newborn puppies in a trash bag and dumping it in a wooded area in Caroline County, Virginia.

Allen Beach told Nexstar’s WRIC he went dove hunting on Cedar Fork Road with a group of friends on Sunday, Jan. 15.

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The group found six newborn puppies in what looked like a white trash bag. The bag was tied shut and thrown in a bush, dangling several yards from the road.

“To walk these puppies back here, it’s a good 75 yards off the road,” Beach said. “It was adamant that they did not want these puppies to survive. They didn’t want anybody to find them.”

Beach said the puppies were covered in urine and feces and one was dead.

“I was upset. It’s concerning that somebody would leave animals to die,” Beach said. “It was 25 degrees that morning.”

Photo: Tina PerryPhoto: Tina PerryPhoto: Tina Perry

Beach said he called a friend who owns a pet shop, who put him in contact with a local animal rescue called A Tail to be Told. He immediately took the five surviving puppies there.

Tina Perry, secretary and treasurer for A Tail to be Told, said the puppies were stiff and their body temperature was incredibly low.

“I ran in the house, took them out of the box, stuffed them in my shirt to get them warm and got all the medical supplies together,” Perry said.

The puppies were taken to Mechanicsville Animal Hospital in Hanover County. According to Perry, the animal rescue is working alongside the Humane Society of Caroline County.

“Instead of doing this, reach out to places and let us know. You know, we certainly can’t take them all, but we all network,” Perry said.

The organizations are offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

The Caroline Animal Shelter in Caroline County said this is currently an open investigation. If you have any information regarding this incident, you can send anonymous tips to the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office.

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