Here’s how Triad representatives will help shape North Carolina during the legislative session

17 January 2023

RALEIGH, N.C. (WGHP) – As his Senate counterpart did last week, North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland) on Tuesday released his committee assignments for the long legislative session, and those appointments place Republicans from the Piedmont Triad in positions of clout.

Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Eden) last week announced his committee lineup, showing several prominent senators from the Triad to be in key roles.

Piedmont Triad senators, representatives take their places on General Assembly committees: See the breakdown

North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore (R-Cleveland, left) and Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Eden). (AP File Photo/Gary D. Robertson)

The House is one vote short of a supermajority of the GOP – which the Senate achieved – but Moore makes all the decisions, and he, like Berger, elevated numerous representatives from the 14 counties on those 44 committees. Several Democrats also have leadership roles, particularly House Minority Leader Ralph Reives (D-Randolph).

District 59 Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Whitsett), who also is the House majority whip, and District 74 Rep. Donny Lambeth (R-Winston-Salem) show up in several prominent spots.

Rep. Jon Hardister (R-Whitset)

Hardister is the chair for the Appropriations, Education Committee and the Education-Universities – which he shares with Ray Pickett (R-Blowing Rock) – and is active on several other committees.

Lambeth is one of three senior chairs on the Appropriation Committee and is a chair on the Health Committee, where he serves with its senior chair, Rep. Larry Potts (R-Lexington), and Rep. Wayne Sasser (R-Albemarle) as a chair. He has other appointments as well.

State Rep. Donny Lambeth (R-Winston-Salem)

Also noteworthy is the naming of District 77 Rep. Julia C. Howard (R-Mocksville) as a chair on Finance. Moore in 2001 had famously removed her as senior chair of that committee after she opposed a bill he had supported about the federal Paycheck Protection Plan that would have provided tax breaks to businesses that received those loans, some of which benefitted legislators.

Howard also chairs Unemployment Insurance, and among leadership positions held by representatives from the Triad:

Appropriations chairs also include Reps. Jeffrey Elmore (R-North Wilkesboro), John Faircloth (R-High Point), Kyle Hall (R-King) and Sasser. Hardister. Potts and Dennis Riddell (R-Snow Camp) are among its vice chairs. Riddell is also chair of Appropriations, General Government and Potts for Appropriations, Health and Human Services.

District 63 Rep. Stephen M. Ross (R-Burlington) is the chair of Commerce, and Hall is a chair of Energy and Public Utilities, District 90 Rep. Sarah Stevens (R-Mount Airy) chairs Judiciary 2, and Sam Watford (R-Thomasville) is one of two chairs for Local Government.

Riddell and District 74 Rep. Jeff Zenger (R-Lewisville) co-chair Regulatory Reform, and District 65 Rep. Reece Pyrtle (R-Stoneville) chairs State Personnel.

The Redistricting Committee again is chaired by District 87 Rep. Destin Hall (R-Watauga), who came under fire last year when the state Supreme Court overturned controversial maps he had helped to draw, but his committee includes Hardister, Stevens and three Democrats from the Triad, Cecil Brockman and Pricey Harrison of Guilford County and Robert R. Reives II of Goldston.

Marijuana, Medicaid, sports betting: Here’s what North Carolina lawmakers could consider this session

Redistricting could be pursued again during the session – although the state Supreme Court ruled it shouldn’t – but perhaps only if the U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of a lawsuit Moore brought to cement the General Assembly’s authority to draw congressional maps.

But, that aside, we already can ascertain that three issues passed last term by the Senate will get an immediate review by the House: Medicaid expansion (which a new poll commissioned by the American Cancer Society shows more than 82% of North Carolinians want), medical marijuana and sports gambling. The House has approved some aspects of the three but left the final bills hanging.

“As the long session gets underway, I look forward to working with this bipartisan group of leaders to ensure an even stronger North Carolina,” Moore said in announcing his appointments. “We have a strong group of committee chairs this session, and I am confident that they will continue to propel our state forward and to the top of the pack.”

Committee assignments

Piedmont Triad representatives are in bold


Chairs: Jimmy Dixon (Senior Chair), Jeffrey C. McNeely. 

Vice Chairs: Karl E. Gillespie, Michael H. Wray. 

Members: Eric Ager, Kelly M. Alexander Jr., Jennifer Balkcom, John R. Bell, IV, William D. Brisson, Mark Brody, Kanika Brown, Tricia Ann Cotham, Jeffrey Elmore, Terence Everitt, Edward C. Goodwin, Kyle Hall, Chris Humphrey, B. Ray Jeffers, Keith Kidwell, Brandon Lofton, Jarrod Lowery, Nasif Majeed, Howard Penny Jr., Robert T. Reives II, Wayne Sasser, Larry C. Strickland, Sam Watford.

Alcoholic Beverage Control

Chairs: John R. Bradford III, Grey Mills, Shelly Willingham. 

Vice Chair: Ray Pickett. 

Members: Kelly M. Alexander Jr., John R. Bell, IV, Kanika Brown, Allison A. Dahle, Jon Hardister, Marvin W. Lucas, Erin Paré, Joseph Pike, Caleb Rudow, Jason Saine, David Willis, Matthew Winslow, Michael H. Wray. 


Chairs: Dean Arp (Senior Chair), Donny Lambeth (Senior Chair), Jason Saine (Senior Chair), William D. Brisson, Jeffrey Elmore, John Faircloth, Kyle Hall, Brenden H. Jones, Wayne Sasser, Larry C. Strickland. 

Vice Chairs: Kristin Baker, George G. Cleveland, Ted Davis Jr., Jimmy Dixon, Karl E. Gillespie, Edward C. Goodwin, Dudley Greene, Jon Hardister, Kelly E. Hastings, Frank Iler, Jake Johnson, Charles W. Miller, Larry W. Potts, Dennis Riddell, Phil Shepard, Carson Smith, John A. Torbett, Donna McDowell White, David Willis. 

Members: Jay Adams, Eric Ager, Vernetta Alston, John Autry, Amber M. Baker, Cynthia Ball, Mary Belk, Brian Biggs, Hugh Blackwell, Cecil Brockman, Mark Brody, Gloristine Brown, Kanika Brown, Terry M. Brown Jr., Allen Buansi, Laura Budd, Celeste C. Cairns, Maria Cervania, Allen Chesser, Mike Clampitt, Sarah Crawford, Kevin Crutchfield, Carla D. Cunningham, Allison A. Dahle, Rosa U. Gill, Pricey Harrison, Zack Hawkins, Chris Humphrey, Frances Jackson, B. Ray Jeffers, Joe John, Abe Jones, Ya Liu, Donnie Loftis, Carolyn G. Logan, Marvin W. Lucas, Nasif Majeed, Jeffrey C. McNeely, Grey Mills, Marcia Morey, Ben T. Moss Jr., Erin Paré, Howard Penny Jr., Ray Pickett, Garland E. Pierce, Mark Pless, Lindsey Prather, Renée A. Price, A. Reece Pyrtle Jr., Amos L. Quick III, Timothy Reeder, Robert T. Reives II, James Roberson, Caleb Rudow, Charles Smith, Frank Sossamon, Diamond Staton-Williams, Sarah Stevens, Julie von Haefen, Bill Ward, Diane Wheatley, Shelly Willingham. 

Appropriations, Agriculture and Natural and Economic Resources

Chairs: Jimmy Dixon (Senior Chair), Karl E. Gillespie, Edward C. Goodwin. 

Vice Chairs: Kyle Hall, Larry C. Strickland. 

Members: Eric Ager, Mark Brody, Gloristine Brown, Celeste C. Cairns, Allison A. Dahle, Pricey Harrison, Chris Humphrey, B. Ray Jeffers, Jeffrey C. McNeely, Amos L. Quick III, James Roberson. 

Appropriations, Capital

Chair: Kelly E. Hastings. 

Vice Chair: Dean Arp. 

Members: Allen Chesser, Sarah Crawford, Frances Jackson, Ray Pickett, Diamond Staton-Williams.

Appropriations, Education

Chairs: Jon Hardister, John A. Torbett, David Willis. 

Vice Chair: Jeffrey Elmore. 

Members: Hugh Blackwell, Cecil Brockman, Kevin Crutchfield, Rosa U. Gill, Zack Hawkins, Marvin W. Lucas, Lindsey Prather, Frank Sossamon, Diane Wheatley. 

Appropriations, General Government

Chairs: George G. Cleveland, Dennis Riddell

Vice Chair: William D. Brisson 

Members: Kanika Brown, Nasif Majeed, Howard Penny Jr., Charles Smith, Julie von Haefen, Bill Ward.

Appropriations, Health and Human Services

Chairs: Kristin Baker, Larry W. Potts, Donna McDowell White. 

Vice Chairs: Donny Lambeth, Erin Paré, Wayne Sasser. 

Members: Cynthia Ball, William D. Brisson, Terry M. Brown Jr., Allen Buansi, Maria Cervania, Carla D. Cunningham, Ya Liu, Mark Pless, Timothy Reeder.

Appropriations, Information Technology

Chair: Jake Johnson 

Vice Chairs: Kyle Hall, Jason Saine 

Members: John Autry, Brian Biggs, Laura Budd, Renée A. Price. 

Appropriations, Justice and Public Safety

Chairs: Ted Davis Jr., Dudley Greene, Charles W. Miller, Carson Smith. 

Vice Chairs: Mike Clampitt, John Faircloth. 

Members: Joe John, Abe Jones, Carolyn G. Logan, Marcia Morey, Garland E. Pierce, A. Reece Pyrtle Jr., Robert T. Reives II, Sarah Stevens. 

Appropriations, Transportation

Chairs: Frank Iler, Phil Shepard. 

Vice Chair: Brenden H. Jones. 

Members: Jay Adams, Vernetta Alston, Amber M. Baker, Mary Belk, Donnie Loftis, Carolyn G. Logan, Grey Mills, Ben T. Moss Jr., Caleb Rudow, Shelly Willingham. 


Chair: Matthew Winslow. 

Vice Chair: Becky Carney. 

Members: Jennifer Balkcom, Deb Butler, Celeste C. Cairns, Terence Everitt, Julia C. Howard, Neal Jackson, Jake Johnson, Keith Kidwell, Ya Liu, Nasif Majeed, Steve Tyson, Jeff Zenger. 


Chairs: Stephen M. Ross, John Sauls. 

Vice Chairs: Jake Johnson, Garland E. Pierce, Steve Tyson. 

Members: Jay Adams, John Autry, Amber M. Baker, John R. Bradford, Kanika Brown, Deb Butler, Ashton Wheeler Clemmons, Sarah Crawford, Carla D. Cunningham, Terence Everitt, Kyle Hall, Julia C. Howard, Frank Iler, Brandon Lofton, Ben T. Moss Jr., Joseph Pike, Timothy Reeder, Jason Saine, Phil Shepard, Frank Sossamon, Larry C. Strickland, Matthew Winslow. 

Disaster Recovery and Homeland Security

Chairs: John R. Bell, IV, Mark Pless. 

Vice Chair: Brenden H. Jones.

Members: Eric Ager, Ted Davis Jr., Karl E. Gillespie, Chris Humphrey, Tim Longest, Caleb Rudow, Diamond Staton-Williams.

Education – Community Colleges

Chair: David Willis. 

Vice Chair: Diane Wheatley. 

Members: Jay Adams, Hugh Blackwell, John R. Bradford, Mark Brody, Gloristine Brown, Mike Clampitt, Ashton Wheeler Clemmons, Jeffrey Elmore, Joe John, Tim Longest, Howard Penny Jr., Lindsey Prather, Renée A. Price, John Sauls, Steve Tyson, Donna McDowell White. 

Education – K-12

Chairs: Hugh Blackwell, Tricia Ann Cotham, John A. Torbett. 

Vice Chairs: Cecil Brockman, Diane Wheatley, David Willis 

Members: Cynthia Ball, Brian Biggs, Laura Budd, Ashton Wheeler Clemmons, Jeffrey Elmore, Ken Fontenot, Rosa U. Gill, Frank Iler, Jake Johnson, Donny Lambeth, Brandon Lofton, Marvin W. Lucas, Larry W. Potts, Dennis Riddell, James Roberson, Phil Shepard, Frank Sossamon, Larry C. Strickland, Julie von Haefen.

Education – Universities

Chairs: Jon Hardister, Ray Pickett. 

Vice Chair: Kelly E. Hastings. 

Members: Kelly M. Alexander Jr., Kristin Baker, Gloristine Brown, Allen Buansi, Becky Carney, Kevin Crutchfield, Ted Davis Jr., Wesley Harris, Julia C. Howard, Neal Jackson, Donny Lambeth, Marcia Morey, Lindsey Prather, Timothy Reeder.

Election Law and Campaign Finance Reform

Chair: Grey Mills. 

Vice Chairs: Allison A. Dahle, Harry Warren. 

Members: Amber M. Baker, Kristin Baker, Cynthia Ball, Brian Biggs, Hugh Blackwell, Allen Buansi, Tricia Ann Cotham, Ted Davis Jr., Jimmy Dixon, John Faircloth, Pricey Harrison, Frank Iler, Joe John, Dennis Riddell, Bill Ward, Shelly Willingham, David Willis, Jeff Zenger

Energy and Public Utilities

Chairs: Dean Arp, Kyle Hall, Matthew Winslow. 

Vice Chairs: Brenden H. Jones, Charles W. Miller, Erin Paré. 

Members: Kelly M. Alexander Jr., John R. Bell IV, William D. Brisson, Cecil Brockman, Terry M. Brown Jr., Celeste C. Cairns, Becky Carney, Maria Cervania, Tricia Ann Cotham, Sarah Crawford, Carla D. Cunningham, Jimmy Dixon, Destin Hall, Pricey Harrison, Kelly E. Hastings, Zack Hawkins, Julia C. Howard, Grey Mills, Garland E. Pierce, Dennis Riddell, Jason Saine, John Sauls, Mitchell S. Setzer, Larry C. Strickland, Sam Watford, Michael H. Wray, Jeff Zenger. 


Chairs: Karl E. Gillespie, Frank Iler. 

Vice Chairs: Ted Davis Jr., Pricey Harrison. 

Members: Kelly M. Alexander Jr., Vernetta Alston, John Autry, Mary Belk, Cecil Brockman, Jimmy Dixon, Edward C. Goodwin, Kyle Hall, Keith Kidwell, Jeffrey C. McNeely, Howard Penny Jr., Ray Pickett, Amos L. Quick III, Diamond Staton-Williams, Diane Wheatley, Donna McDowell White. 


Chairs: John Sauls, Michael H. Wray. 

Vice Chair: Mitchell S. Setzer.

Members: Becky Carney, Tricia Ann Cotham, Allison A. Dahle, Ted Davis Jr., Jason Saine. 

Families Children and Aging Policy

Chair: Mike Clampitt.

Members: Kristin Baker, Sarah Crawford, Dudley Greene, Ya Liu, Jarrod Lowery, Marcia Morey, Garland E. Pierce, A. Reece Pyrtle Jr., Timothy Reeder, Wayne Sasser, Charles Smith, Donna McDowell White. 

Federal Relations and American Indian Affairs

Chair: Mike Clampitt. 

Vice Chairs: Karl E. Gillespie, Mark Pless.

Members: Vernetta Alston, Kelly E. Hastings, Brenden H. Jones, Jarrod Lowery, Dennis Riddell, Diamond Staton-Williams, Shelly Willingham. 


Chairs: John R. Bradford, (Senior Chair), Keith Kidwell (Senior Chair), Mitchell S. Setzer (Senior Chair), Michael H. Wray (Senior Chair), Julia C. Howard, Stephen M. Ross, Steve Tyson. 

Vice Chairs: Harry Warren, Jeff Zenger. 

Members: Kelly M. Alexander Jr., Jennifer Balkcom, John R. Bell IV, Deb Butler, Becky Carney, Ashton Wheeler Clemmons, Tricia Ann Cotham, Terence Everitt, Ken Fontenot, Destin Hall, Wesley Harris, Neal Jackson, Brandon Lofton, Tim Longest, Jarrod Lowery, Joseph Pike, John Sauls, Sam Watford, Matthew Winslow. 


Chairs: Larry W. Potts (Senior Chair), Kristin Baker, Donny Lambeth, Erin Paré, Wayne Sasser, Donna McDowell White. 

Vice Chairs: Tricia Ann Cotham, Carla D. Cunningham.

Members: Cynthia Ball, Mary Belk, Hugh Blackwell, William D. Brisson, Cecil Brockman, Allen Buansi, Becky Carney, Maria Cervania, Allen Chesser, Kevin Crutchfield, Jimmy Dixon, Ken Fontenot, Julia C. Howard, Chris Humphrey, Ya Liu, Donnie Loftis, Marvin W. Lucas, Garland E. Pierce, A. Reece Pyrtle Jr., Timothy Reeder, Mitchell S. Setzer, Phil Shepard, Steve Tyson, Sam Watford, Diane Wheatley, Michael H. Wray. 


Chairs: Chris Humphrey, Mitchell S. Setzer. 

Vice Chairs: Marvin W. Lucas, Wayne Sasser, Shelly Willingham. 

Members: Kristin Baker, John R. Bradford III, Terry M. Brown Jr., Allen Chesser, George G. Cleveland, Rosa U. Gill, Kyle Hall, Julia C. Howard, Donny Lambeth, Nasif Majeed, Garland E. Pierce, Larry W. Potts, James Roberson, Steve Tyson, Harry Warren, Michael H. Wray. 

Judiciary 1

Chair: Ted Davis Jr. 

Vice Chair: Grey Mills. 

Members: John R. Bradford III, Tricia Ann Cotham, Rosa U. Gill, Jon Hardister, Pricey Harrison, Abe Jones, Larry W. Potts, Jason Saine. 

Judiciary 2

Chair: Sarah Stevens. 

Vice Chair: Charles W. Miller. 

Members: Vernetta Alston, Laura Budd, Dudley Greene, Marcia Morey, A. Reece Pyrtle Jr., Robert T. Reives II, Carson Smith, David Willis. 

Judiciary 3

Chair: Hugh Blackwell. 

Vice Chair: Bill Ward. 

Members: Terry M. Brown Jr., Terence Everitt, John Faircloth, Wesley Harris, Julia C. Howard, Joe John, Keith Kidwell, Jeff Zenger. 

Local Government

Chairs: Howard Penny Jr., Sam Watford. 

Members: John Autry, John Faircloth, Frances Jackson, B. Ray Jeffers, Donnie Loftis, Brandon Lofton, Charles W. Miller, Ben T. Moss Jr., Ray Pickett, Lindsey Prather, Wayne Sasser, Mitchell S. Setzer, Julie von Haefen, Donna McDowell White. 

Local Government – Land Use Planning and Development

Chair: Mark Brody. 

Members: Jay Adams, Jennifer Balkcom, Cynthia Ball, Gloristine Brown, Kevin Crutchfield, Allison A. Dahle, Ben T. Moss Jr., Renée A. Price, Caleb Rudow, Sam Watford, Jeff Zenger. 

Marine Resources and Aquaculture

Chair: George G. Cleveland. 

Vice Chair: Celeste C. Cairns. 

Members: Edward C. Goodwin, Wesley Harris, Pricey Harrison, Zack Hawkins, Frank Iler, Keith Kidwell, Tim Longest, Charles W. Miller, Harry Warren. 

Military and Veterans Affairs

Chairs: Edward C. Goodwin, Donnie Loftis. 

Vice Chairs: George G. Cleveland, Nasif Majeed. 

Members: Dean Arp, John Autry, Celeste C. Cairns, Allen Chesser, Ken Fontenot, Frances Jackson, Carolyn G. Logan, Erin Paré, Garland E. Pierce, Larry W. Potts, Charles Smith, Julie von Haefen. 

Oversight Reform

Chairs: Jake Johnson, Harry Warren.

Members: Dean Arp, Maria Cervania, Allen Chesser, George G. Cleveland, Allison A. Dahle, Jeffrey C. McNeely, Amos L. Quick III, Sarah Stevens, Shelly Willingham. 

Pensions and Retirement

Chairs: Carson Smith, Diane Wheatley. 

Vice Chair: Rosa U. Gill. 

Members: Mark Brody, Jeffrey Elmore, Donny Lambeth, Joseph Pike, Amos L. Quick III, James Roberson, Stephen M. Ross. 


Chair: Destin Hall. 

Vice Chairs: Jason Saine, John A. Torbett. 

Members: Cecil Brockman, Becky Carney, Jimmy Dixon, Ken Fontenot, Jon Hardister, Pricey Harrison, Kelly E. Hastings, Zack Hawkins, Abe Jones, Brenden H. Jones, Jarrod Lowery, Grey Mills, Robert T. Reives II, Sarah Stevens, Harry Warren. 

Regulatory Reform

Chairs: Dennis Riddell, Jeff Zenger. 

Members: Eric Ager, Amber M. Baker, Mary Belk, Brian Biggs, Hugh Blackwell, John R. Bradford III, Mark Brody, Terry M. Brown Jr., Deb Butler, Mike Clampitt, Allison A. Dahle, Keith Kidwell, Erin Paré, Renée A. Price, Sarah Stevens.

Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House

Chair: Destin Hall. 

Vice Chairs: Kelly E. Hastings, Brenden H. Jones, John A. Torbett. 

Members: John R. Bell IV, William D. Brisson, Becky Carney, Ashton Wheeler Clemmons, Tricia Ann Cotham, Carla D. Cunningham, Allison A. Dahle, Ted Davis Jr., Jimmy Dixon, Kyle Hall, Jon Hardister, Neal Jackson, Grey Mills, Erin Paré, Amos L. Quick III, Robert T. Reives II, Jason Saine, Steve Tyson, Shelly Willingham, Michael H. Wray. 

State Government

Chair: Harry Warren. 

Members: Jennifer Balkcom, Dudley Greene, Frances Jackson, B. Ray Jeffers, Joseph Pike, Stephen M. Ross, Charles Smith, John A. Torbett, Bill Ward. 

State Personnel

Chair: A. Reece Pyrtle Jr. 

Vice Chair: Dudley Greene. 

Members: Amber M. Baker, Edward C. Goodwin, Neal Jackson, Carolyn G. Logan, Bill Ward, Shelly Willingham. 


Chairs: Brenden H. Jones, Jeffrey C. McNeely, Phil Shepard, Steve Tyson. 

Vice Chairs: Jay Adams, George G. Cleveland, Frank Iler, Ben T. Moss Jr. 

Members: Vernetta Alston, Dean Arp, Mary Belk, Brian Biggs, Deb Butler, Becky Carney, John Faircloth, Edward C. Goodwin, Wesley Harris, Zack Hawkins, Joe John, Donnie Loftis, Carolyn G. Logan, Charles W. Miller, Marcia Morey, Ray Pickett, Mark Pless, James Roberson, Stephen M. Ross, Frank Sossamon, Harry Warren, Matthew Winslow. 

UNC Board of Governors Nominations

Chair: Kelly E. Hastings. 

Vice Chairs: Ted Davis Jr., Jon Hardister. 

Members: Amber M. Baker, Laura Budd, Abe Jones, Donny Lambeth, Nasif Majeed, Ray Pickett, Mitchell S. Setzer, Diamond Staton-Williams, John A. Torbett.

Unemployment Insurance

Chair: Julia C. Howard. 

Members: Terry M. Brown Jr., Deb Butler, Destin Hall, Tim Longest, Mitchell S. Setzer, Harry Warren. 

Wildlife Resources

Chairs: Jay Adams, Ben T. Moss Jr. 

Vice Chairs: Mike Clampitt, Karl E. Gillespie. 

Members: William D. Brisson, Carla D. Cunningham, Jake Johnson, Abe Jones, Brandon Lofton, Marvin W. Lucas, Mark Pless, Caleb Rudow, Carson Smith, Michael H. Wray. 

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