Fox News weatherman says group of ‘kids’ beat him on NYC subway

26 January 2023

Fox News Weatherman Adam Klotz on Sunday detailed an encounter on the New York City subway that left him with two black eyes, among other injuries.

In a video posted to Instagram, Klotz claimed he was attacked by a group of teenagers on the New York City subway after watching a New York Giants game at a bar.

“Where are the parents?” he said as he lay in bed, showing a cut and bruised face. “Don’t let your kids come beat me up in the middle of the night again please.”

Klotz said he interfered when the group of seven or eight teens was harassing an older man.

“I was like, ‘Yo, guys, cut that out.’ And they decided, ‘Alright, if he’s not going to get it, then you’re going to get it,'” Klotz said.

“Boy did they give it to me,” he added, noting they beat him in the face and ribs.

A few of the instigators were stopped by the police, Klotz said, and the older man made it out of the situation unharmed.

Klotz added that he has X-rays done and was not seriously harmed.

The New York Post reported that three of the minor suspects were arrested but later released to their parents due to their age.

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