Caught on Camera: Man steals dozens of packages from South Carolina apartment complex

26 January 2023

ROCK HILL, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Police in Rock Hill are looking for a man who stole 20 to 40 packages from a locked room at an apartment complex.

“Unique clothing, bright red shoes, bright red outfit,” said Lt. Michael Chavis. “Several times, he pans by the camera, and you can see some of his facial features.”

Chavis said they have around a dozen victims in the case; it happened at Forest Oaks Apartments in Rock Hill in December.

Police explained it took a while to get the camera footage and figure out what was stolen. But, they were able to narrow down who the suspect was, and he came back to steal more another day.

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“Maybe he didn’t know he didn’t know he was being watched on camera and filmed because he came back and repeated the offense,” said Chavis.

Officials with the apartment complex said they added extra security to the room. 

They sent the following statement to Queen City News:

Forest Oaks Apartment Homes is aware of the recent package theft that occurred at our community and has reported it to the police.

We believe this is an isolated incident but have put in additional security measures to ensure package theft does not continue.

Our package room is under 24-hour surveillance, has a key fob system, and a self-locking door, but we’ve recently installed a latch guard to prevent anything from forcibly opening the door.

Because this matter is part of an active police investigation, all questions should be directed to the Rock Hill Police Department at (803)-329-7211.”

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